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Words from our Members

A little over a year ago I separated from the Navy at around 245lbs. I was insanely nervous and depressed, but determined to do what I wanted to do with my life. I knew the military wasn’t for me, so shortly after I separated I began training and chasing my dream of being a professional wrestler. Now I’m sitting at around 262lbs and doing what I can to killing it on the independent professional wrestling scene.

North end is by far one of my favorite things about this grungy little town we call home. There’s an awesome little group of powerlifters that I call my friends that are in there and killing it every day. The staff is also insanely knowledgeable and welcoming every-time that I walk in the door!

Josh Schaff

My father was a very active man and always told me that's what kept him "young". I believe that is what has made me want to exercise and keep active too. When I retired I knew being active was something I wanted to continue and joining the gym has helped. I had thought about joining a gym for a long time but work and raising a family made it hard for me. I had friends who belonged to North End and they talked me into joining. I enjoy the classes I take and the instructors very much. Have made many friends from North End also.

Barb Oleson

5 years ago I was 231lbs, rarely found a purpose to work out, and had major self esteem problems. I struggled with self confidence and was afraid to go near the weights in the gym because I was afraid I would start to look “manly”. After the years I got over my fear and picked up the weights. I then was introduced to Powerlifting and it changed my life forever! There is no better feeling than being strong and confident. Over the following years I dropped 100lbs, and earned a name for myself in the Powerlifting community! At 20 years old I have earned the right to call myself an elite 60kg, 132lb powerlifter. Totaling over 700lbs and deadlifting 360lbs! North End really ignited my love for the sport and I’m thankful everyday for the amazing staff and members who push me everyday!

Melissa King

After getting out of the Marine Corps in 2010 I moved back to Oak Harbor. I fell back into some bad habits and hanging out with the wrong people. My father passed away in 2013 which lead me further into depression and by the the time I got arrested and went to jail in 2014 I had let myself balloon up to 360 lbs. in 2015, unemployed, overweight and in terrible shape my life was suddenly changed by responsibility. My older sister needed me to take care of my youngest nephew, 3 at the time, during the day while she worked. Knowing that he knew very little about the world and that he looked up to me as his uncle and needed me to take care of him I realized I needed to change. So I started by changing my diet which got my weight down to 285, adding some running and bicycling got me down to 250. In early 2017 I got the job I currently have and with my first paycheck enrolled in Brazilian jiujitsu classes at North End Fitness. Where I met Coach Alan Gutierrez who encouraged me to compete in a tournament after only two weeks of training, which ended up being a fun and challenging experience. Growing up I was always an athlete wrestling in middle school, football, and track in high school so I knew that staying physically active would not only serve me well health wise but would also keep me out of trouble. 6 months into training jiujitsu and competing a few times I was convinced by my teammates to take up kickboxing on top of bjj training. Easily the most interesting, challenging, fun, and rewarding activities I have ever partaken in. Now I'm about to be fighting in my second kickboxing match at 180 lbs and I feel like I'm in the best mental, physical, and spiritual shape I have ever been in.

Mark Repose

Hi, my name is Ariel Dohm and I've been a member at North End for a few months now. Prior to the Navy, I didn't really religiously work out, and I soon found myself over 200 pounds. I dropped just enough weight to join the Navy, and have been progressively weightlifting and getting in better shape since. As soon as I joined your gym, I fell in love and I started wanting to compete in powerlifting. Thankfully I met Melissa through the gym, who's helping me prep for my first competition in February! I've fallen in love with this lifestyle, and I can't wait to see what all I can accomplish. I'm only 30 pounds lighter in the second picture, but the mental and physical strength I've gained is by far my greatest accomplishment. Thank you for providing such a great environment for people with all kinds of fitness goals. Wish I would've joined a long time ago!

Ariel Dohm

Everyone who works there is always greeting you with a smile and a hello. When you see them working out, just like you, it makes them feel so approachable and real. The classes are fun and the instructors upbeat and motivating. I really enjoy coming here, and the daycare for the kids is great!! The fact that they have a play set outside is outstanding. The kids have a blast. It's a family affair for myself, my husband and our two boys. We love it.

Julie Price

The classes kick your boot into gear. The staff is some of the most positive and motivating people you could want around telling you even on your off days go do it! Your not just paying for a membership; your gaining positive people that help influence you to do more to achieve your fitness goals. Plus having the 24 hours a day access is awesome so you are not limited to just "set" hours of when the gym is open.

Liz Leruth

Great staff, 24hr access huge plus and great smoothies!

Matt Thackeray

I love loveeeeeeee it here and their staff and trainers!!!

Yesenia Enriquez

My home away from home! I love the staff, the atmosphere, and all of the positive energy!!! And open 24 hours!? Score!!!

Alyssa Contreras

I travel so I have a different gym every week. By far you have been the greatest . I will be back next time around. Don't change a thing!

Susie Walker

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