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barbell strength & fitness

Barbell strength is a combination of Olympic Lifting, Gymnastics, and bodyweight movements that encompass Functional Fitness. Athletes of every skill level are encouraged to join, movements can be scaled, RX or RX+ (RX as prescribe) depending on your skill level.  Programming is completed by two Coaches Greg and Eddie. 


Brief description of the class: 

Every class will begin with a warm up, followed by skill work and a explanation of the strength portion of the class, strength work (i.e. snatch, clean and jerk, and many more) and last the daily WOD. The coach will always go over each movement standard to ensure each lift/movement is being done correctly and safely. 


We recommend athletes show up 5-10 mins prior to class, so that coaches will have extra time to explain any movement you have questions about or if you would like to work on mobility a little more. 


WOD's will be posted on the site the day prior, so you can prepare yourself to embrace the suck!!! 



with Edward

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